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So yeah, you probably have already heard of google's "April fools day " joke this year…

TLDR: Google placed 150 Pokemon from all the generations across the world using the google maps app, you can even "Catch" them on your google maps app on IOS, and i assume online too
Best. April. Fools. Day. Joke. EVER!

now, where was i?

oh yeah

now, seeing the video in the link, and this "prank", am i the only one who sees potential in a full out Pokemon "AR/Augmented Reality" Game?

granted there was pokemon Dream Radar, but i heard that was ehhh ( new formes for the gen 5 genies aside)

so, heres my proposition

Pokemon AR (Tentative Title)

Has all the pokemon up to Gen 6 and would update to include Diancle, Volcanion, and Hoopa when their released

Concept: Basically you can walk around with your 3ds OR IOS device OR Android device, and look around for Procedurally Generated Pokemon.
You get to start out with A starter pokemon from any of the generations.
Battling would go like it does in the standard pokemon games. 
you can catch pokemon with pokeballs, or even befriend them! 
there would be a Poke Amie/Pokewalker type system where your pokemon could "walk" with you through your camera on the device your playing on, and you could play with it too with the touchscreen.
you could see wild pokemon through random sparkles or see them wandering around out in the world.
Day and night would be a factor in finding pokemon, so you would have to go outside (unless you cheat and turn all the lights off(
you can have trainer battles with friends with the game
you can do trainer battles either through internet or locally and get to "Face off" with your friends IRL
Items can be found by walking around, including rare ones like evolution and mega stones
You can eventually import your teams from pokemon x and y (and whatever third version comes out)
There would be an "Admin/Team/Gym leader system" Where certain people in an area would be assigned those ranks, and you can battle them for their badge or rank. Assignment would be given to either applicants or employees of Nintendo and whoever else would work on this

So, how does this sound?
*PRays to nintendo and google and apple to make something like that happen*

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heres my pitch for a Pokemon "Diablolike" project

Pokemon: Dream Souls (WIP Title)

Ash, Misty, Brock, and the rest of their friends, human and pokemon alike must band together in the dreamscape of Nocturnus to uncover the secret of the Shards of Sin before time runs out for all realms.
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im just going to come flat out and say it, i am DEFINETLY Overambitious. I mean, i envision my projects as actual cards, games, MMOs, the works. but i guess i just have to accept that my projects will never be that big, much less finished like that XPD
i mean, is it  even worth it in the end due to how incredibly niche my crossovers are?
maybe its time, to move on in life
just wanted to get that out
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*points to title*

a. my notes get moved to random parts of my note section
b. The outbox no longer shows when notes are read

anyone else having these problems?
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and heres the info post for expansion 2, Vanguard of Light!

Announcement Trailer: Coming Soon TM

Features: Coming soon TM
Reios Region Megapost:…
Intro Cinematic: Coming soon TM

hope to get feedback or stuff soon ^_^
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Hello. Well, im on a writing spree, so i Am already working on aspects of the SECOND expansion pack for Wroldmeld. heres one of them
a new region for the pokemon world! The Reios Region
i will update this post with more info as it comes.
I will also post a write up about the "Version legendaries" for this new region momentarily, though there will NOT be multiple versions of the expansion back beyond an obligatory "Collectors edition"
I will also post info on Expansion 2 as well.

pastebin info:
New Pokemon:
Expansion 2 info:
Legendary Info:…
Map: coming soon
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Well, ive managed to plan out the first of two "expansions" for my worldmeld project

first off, heres a link to a leadup to the climax of Worldmeld Awakening (Massive spoilers):

second, heres is what i have so far for this "Expansion"

Announcement Trailer: Coming Soon TM
Intro Cinematic:…

hope to get feedback or stuff soon ^_^
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anyone else noticed their notes getting put into spam just from clicking on and reading them?
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am i the only one who had a tough time connecting or loading DA the past hour or so? or is it just my internet? lol
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she's really good at writing ^_^
check her out if your interested
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so yeah, im writing up how different abilties,  locations, moves, characters, items, and events will be represented in my projects.
ive started by using the "random page" button on bulbapedia
heres what i have so far on paste bin

Abilities and Attacks:
Items and loot:
Characters and enemies:
Events and Quests:

feel free to comment with thoughts, suggestions, or feedback
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so, yeah, ive been thinking, maybe Team Dawn isnt such a good name for the collective of my projects. Ive been thinking about this for several reasons

a. Team Dawn sounds a bit unprofessional

b. Ive had a LOT of people mistake the Team Dawn for a fanclub for the pokemon character Dawn herself. I dont hate dawn or anything, just that a lot of people dont get what the group is for, which is pokemon crossovers and my other projects

c. The whole team dawn thing seems a bit too ambitious. I admit, i got carried away with things like the quest/bounty system and the like. I just saw what other DA groups did and got "inspired" by them to do what they did, with little success

so, with that in mind, going forward, I have decided to change things. To start with, I am "renaming" Team Dawn into Imperfect Studios

why Imperfect Studios?

because one of my real life adages is that "No ones perfect"
thats it
just something simple and profound to build off of

dont worry
i will still do pokemon crossover, stories, and other fanfics.
but I feel like moving forward with the start of a new year

unfortunately it seems you cannot rename DA groups
so i might just make a new one
hopefully this one wont be as much of a clustercuss

i may also make a wiki
just to help catalogue everything
hopefully i can actually keep up with it for once
thank you for reading
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just had to vent in my last journal XPD
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its just not something im good at
doesnt help either that my whole life this past year has felt like just waiting for everything
waiting for art to be done 
waiting for packages
waiting to do something in a game i play
waiting for something to be avaiable
waiting for people to sign on
waiting for people to respond
waiting for EVERYTHING
all this is seriously starting to get to my head
something needs to be freaking done about this
and i dont know what it is
but i cant wait for something to be done
because i need something to be done immediatally for once
something in regards to my patience issues

thats all
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had a great Xmas ^_^. got a great haul of gifts from friends and familiy alike
also got a birthday cake for jesus himself, just as a reminder for what this season is all about.

now for my haul list

Money and gift cards
Mario and Luigi Dream Team 3ds
Etrian Odyssey Untold: The millenium Girl 3ds
LoZ: A link between worlds 3ds 
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Collection PS3
Killzone shadow Fall PS4
Skylanders Swap Force PS4
DOHM White noise/sound conditioner machine
Blue Yeti USB Mic
World of Warcraft Horde Coins set
World of Warcraft Ultimate Visual guide
World of warcraft trivial pursuit
Nike Fuel Wristband
Shirts and sweaters
200 bucks in cab fare
Legend of Zelda strategy guide collection
and last but far from least
not one
but TWO 3ds XLs
too elaborate, i wanted a 3ds xl and an xbox one for christmas
so somehow i ended up with 2 3ds XLs
I decided to trade one in and keep the other
and trade it in towards the xbox one which i am getting tommorow alongside Dead Rising 3 hopefully
Great Christmas all in all
great gifts, great people, great time all around.
Happy holidays to everyone!

PS: Sorry if i come across as bragging or everything, but given the time of year, and the last journal i posted, i should focus on some good things for once ^_^
plus i am probably far from the only one whose doing something like this
and as aforementioned, i need a change of tone from my last journal entry

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just had a fallout with a longtime DA friend
feeling kinda crappy right now
all the things ive done
kinda went down the shitter
whats the damn point if im going to end up regressing again
I mean
i cant even keep close friends like this one
Are any of you even my friends?
do i seem like a friend to you guys?
or do you think im using you too

i just, i dont know anymore

with regards
note me if you want to chat more about it, and for more details

edit: also, someone else suggested i ask myself this, why do i talk to people.

i admit flatout i prioritize either those who owe me requests/commishes or are doing things for me

or who listen to my ideas or talk about things i like

thats not a good thing i know
just need to get that shit out

edit 2: also, i talk to people because, well, keeping things in is tough, and i like having people to talk to and share things with, is that really so bad?

the conversation in question
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regardless of how many projects i make
regardless of how many things i leave unfinished or outright unplayed
i can say this
i enjoy doing things when i do them  ^_^
and as long as I enjoy what i do
thats good enough for me ^_^

just saying that
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let the jettiosning/auctioning of my crap commence!


if anyone wants to pay for or trade for something outside of ebay (IE cards, games, art, fics, commisions). lemme know through comments or notes)
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Sometimes, its the little thing in life that keep you going.

I think my autism/Aspergers makes me who I am

And i wouldnt change it at all, because im happy this way

John Dolan/Johnnyd2

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so, im thinking about what to do next, when something occured to me
a new project to devote time to…
use that to pull up random anime charcaters for "soul cards" IE character cards iwth different abilites and effects, ranging from stat changes, abiliites, and even party members

as for what a soul card is, well, look at these links for examples

think something along those lines, but on a massive universal scale
or should i say
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