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1. Tempra of the Dancing Lights is the second boss of the "Factory Wing" of the Bastion of The Four Lights raid

2. Tempra specializes in using weapons of various kinds to strike and smite her foes

3. Throughout the fight Tempra strikes with multiple weapon using telekinesis like powers

4. Tanks need to use defensive abilities when she uses Armed Assault, which deals damage based on how many weapons she is wielding

5. Disarming the boss removes a weapon from her, but causes her to hit the disarmer with a heavy burst of damage and buff her total damage briefly.

6. Tempra of the Dancing Lights  earns her title because of her Second phase, in which she hurls her different weapons out at the raid in a "Light Dance" dealing area of effect damage to the whoel raid and more

7. The 6 different kinds of weapons Tempra can use are Swords, Daggers, Axes, Polearms/spears, Maces, and Staves/staffs. Any weapons that havent been disarmed are tossed out at the raid with varying effects during the Light dance

8. Daggers are shot at raid members dealing a burst of melee damage that cleaves to nearby members, this cannot be avoided. Swords strike the ground dealing area of effect damage and spawn a void zone that needs to be avoided.

9. Polearms/spears mark a raid member with a targeting circle. The spear then strikes the target pinning them and any other raid members within the impact point down rendering them unable to act until the weapon is destroyed. Maces strike a random location, and deal massive damage split between everyone hit and stunning them for a bit. If the Mace hits no one, the whole raid takes massive damage and is stunned, so they must be "soaked" by a desginated group.

10. Axes are hurled at a random location and spawn a void zone that increases in size proportionate to the Axes health and how long it persists and affects anyone standing in it. Ranged attackers need to focus the Axe's down before the void zones get too big. Staffs/Staves are also attackable, and shoot out single target light spells that can be interupted, but are unavoidable if they arent. They also shoot laser beams that chase raid members sometimes. The kill priority for the Weapons should be Axes>Spears>Staves.
1. The Pokemon Tower and Lavender town have been Overrun by Team Nexus forces and the Endless Court cultists of the dragon of Death Regulos

2. Our heroes scale the Tower to stop the villains plans

3. Pokemon Tower has 5 bosses

4. The first boss is Commander Mevs, a Team Nexus official sent to oversee the operations

5. The second boss is Tomb Lord Ivix, a hulking scythe wielding giant from the Plane of Death

6. The Third boss is the Restless Mother, who is the Marowak ghost from the games

7. The fourth boss is Soulspeaker Izakayes. He is a bombastic dark skinned priest speaking in the name of Regulos

8. Izakayes abilities involve speaking dark words, spreading blasphemous curses in the name of Regulos, and dark shadowy balls.

9. The final boss is a Soul Engine set up at the top of the tower absorbing the souls of human and pokemon alike

10. The Soul Engine must be defeated by taking out its parts one by one, then battlign the core
10 random ideas 14: Pokemon Tower
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1. The recipient of this "Ultimate" Darkstone is the fallen lord of Outland himself, Illidan Stormrage

2. Illidan's soul was lost to the nether after his fall during the siege of the Black temple before it was reclaimed by Akama and the Ashtongue

3. Deas found Illidan's soul, and bargained with him to bring him back to help him should this kind of situation happen

4. Deas says that in return, he can make Illidan the "Hero" he was meant to be

5. Illidan takes Deas up on his offer, and roars back into action against Xehanort and the Legion's mooks

6. Led by Illidan, Akama, and Deas, the Ashtongue and the others drive off the attacking enemies from Karabor.

7. Deas has one more phase to his plan, getting our  heroes to help

8. Deas arrives in Philandria the Glorious Dawn guild hall alongside Akama and Illidan, declaring themselves no longer affiliated with Black Eden and forming their own "antihero" guild.

9. This new guild is known as Eternal Nocturne. Many of the more sympathetic villains (IE Illidan and the Illidari) or the like from Black Eden are already defecting to other guilds, or Eternal Nocturne. One such former Black Eden member being Pete (Disney)

10. Deas proposes to guild master Brian, and the leaders of the other guilds and Philandria that they will help fight for good against Xehanort and the Legion. in return, all Deas asks is a pocket dimension to rebuild a new Noctis homeworld into. After much deliberation between our heroes and Brian and everyone else, Brian accepts this truce and a union is formed between the Glorious Dawn Guild, and Eternal Nocturne. This is the event that kickstarts the second major story arc of Worldmeld: To Far Away Worlds.
1. Deas AKA "D" is the leader of Black Eden (the organization of villains in worldmeld akin to that of Kingdom Hearts)

2. Deas is a shadowy figure, but is in fact one of if not the last Noctis, a race of shadow humanoids

3. The Noctis were purged by the Lumen and the Free Alliance early on in the history of the multiverse, hence Deas's grudge against them and Philandria and the Free Alliance in general

4. After the first storyline of Worldmeld (Awakening). Deas is dismissed from Black Eden by a greater evil, the "Dark Master"

5. the "Dark Master" reveals himself as Xehanort, or whats left of him

6. Deas had a backup plan ready for such a mutiny, as he retreats to Outland with the Burning Legion and Xehanort's lackeys hot on his heels

7. Akama (the broken main universe version) has been playing both sides in the conflict, and eventually him and the Ashtongue Broken and other Outland Factions play host to Deas should Black Eden fall

8. Deas retreats to the temple of Karabor alongside Akama and their followers. He has a trick up his sleeve

9. Deas has at least one more Darkstone, which can amplify or ressurect those with darkness in their hearts.

10. The recipient of Deas's ultimate darkstone is within the Temple of Karabor.
1. Miette uses Pendulum Plant monsters given to her by Reiji/Declan to get her plant Princess monsters out easier

2. Serena and Miette defeat Girag, but Miette is defeated in the process

3. A device in Miette's duel disc goes off, and she is turned into a card and whisked away to LDS RND

4. Reiji/Declan reveals that he programmed the Cross Lancer's Duel Discs with a reverse engineered carding killswitch to card the duelist using the disc where they would be "decarded" by LDS.

5. This is done too prevent their souls from being assimilated by the NBO and reinforcing their ranks.

6. The Cross Lancers knew about this, and accepted this risk.

7. Masumi/Julia, Yaiba, and Hokuto/Dipper are among the Cross Lancers

8. Shun/Shay makes a dramatic entrace carpet bombing NBO mooks en masse with Revolution Falcon

9. Vector meets up with Serena/Misty, and begs for help saying that hes the one that Alco's after more than anyone

10. Alco shows up to eliminate Vector and Serena, but Yuya jumps in pulling a "Big Damn Heroes" moment and Duels Alco allowing Serena and Vector to escape
10 random ideas 11: spoileven
because i like to go one and above
out of Eight Rising preview stuff
here have a puppy pug
image from wikipedia
Last one for tongiht probz
i own nothing

Vent Incoming

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 5:51 PM
well, between getting stalked by a really persistent troll or two, too a friend of mine getting into a feud and deactivating, im really losing my faith in DA, and may very well leave if this keeps up.

Also, one thing im feeling kinda down about. I may be a bit of a pervert in terms of my art tastes, thats fine with me. But what worries me is what will happen as i get older.
now granted my friends who i already know will age with me, but i will probably come off as a creep or pedophile if i stick on this site to the end. 

Thing is, i am a  REALLY nice guy in real life. I would never do anything perverted and the like to anyone regardless of age.

thats what i tell myself in my head
but im not sure thats convincing enough, not to other people, but to myself.

thats what on my mind
thanks for reading.

PS: I wonder if DA will even be around when i get that old, ill probably be on tumblr or whatever new site gets popular by then lol.

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