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WOW being world of warcraft, or warcraft lore in general

things involved are dragons, oral vore, nudity, and nsfw material (obvs)

note me if interested

i can pay in points or cash
budget is about 20 bucks
weighing options at the moment
WOW being world of warcraft, or warcraft lore in general

things involved are dragons, oral vore, nudity, and nsfw material (obvs)

note me if interested

i can pay in points or cash
budget is about 20 bucks
Serena's Story- Fine As Is

Serena Gabena's loyal Braixen had fought many battles for it's mistress. This latest one ended in victory, but not in a good way.

"Braixen.... your...." The blonde trainer commented as Braixen began to glow. Braixen then let out an uncharacteristically sharp yip in pain. Its as if it didn't want to evolve.

"Braiiiiii" it grumbled out as it pained itself, it was doing fine just as is. Why should it change? Why fix what isn't broken?

"Braixen! You don't want to evolve, do you?" she realized

Then, the glowing stopped. As it did, Braixen collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

"Oh no! I'll get you fixed up, just hang in there!" Serena shouted as she returned Braixen to its poke ball and made a dash towards the nearest Pokemon center. Watching the scene were a flabbergasted Tierno and Trevor.

"That, that didn't seem good at all." The rotund lad commented

"Its not often you see a Pokemon refuse to evolve, much less on its own terms." Trevor tweaked his glasses as he assessed what had transpired

Serena made it too the Pokemon Center with Braixen in hand. she handed its poke ball over to the Nurse Joy who quickly tended to it. During the examination, she noticed what Braixen had gone through.

"This Pokemon, it was going to evolve, but didn't want too." The Nurse exclaimed as she treated the patient.

"I don't get it, if you want to get stronger, don't you need to evolve?" Serena questioned.

"Not necessarily, if your Pokemon is against evolving this much, there must be a reason for it."

Serena thought to herself, If her Braixen didn't want to evolve, is that how loyal it was to her?


A familiar voice snapped Serena out of her lull

"Tierno, Trevor. What are you guys doing here?" She questioned

"We saw what happened to Braixen. I think we know why it didn't want to evolve" Trevor stated

"That reason being?" Serena inquired

"Braixen there has been by your side since your journey started. From what we saw, it just wouldn't feel right if it couldn't remain by your side as is. Evolution doesn't just change your shape and power, but your personality. Poor thing must have not evolved not to disobey you, but to show how much it cares for you." Tierno explained. The blonde girl teared up a bit, her Pokemon had a strong bond with her, and she nearly blew it off completely.

There was one thing she could, and had to do. Respect and fulfill her Starter's wish.

"Miss Gabena. I have something here that may help." The Nurse returned with a circular grey rock in her hand

"This is an Everstone, a Pokemon that holds this stone cant evolve. It could be just the right thing you need to help suppress Braixen's evolution, if its OK with you that is..." She said. Serena then took the stone from the nurse, and pulled out an empty locket she had on her. then she placed the Everstone in the locket and put it around her starter's neck

"Braixen, I'm so sorry. This Everstone here should help you. If you want to stay the same, then thats fine as it is." Serena consoled her Pokemon. it returned her affection by embracing her. Even though it refused to evolve, their bond grew stronger none the less.

Trade for Blessed-wind: Fine as Is
my half of a trade with Blessed--Wind 
i dont own anything
Worldmeld: Awakening- New Role-Support

Support is a new "Fourth" role classes can take in addition to Damage, Healer, and Tank.

Support specializations focus on buffing and augmenting the party and hindering and debuffing enemies

Support roles are more of an "Asset" to a party rather than an outright "requirement" like the other roles

Several Specializations can do Support in a dedicated manner

Support roles can do a variety of tasks, IE Discipline Priests


John Dolan
United States
Current Residence: New England
Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite photographer: N/a
Favourite style of art: Awesome art
Operating System: On second thought, go windows 7 ^_^
MP3 player of choice: iphone
Shell of choice: N/A
Wallpaper of choice: Misty
Skin of choice: white
Favourite cartoon character: n/a
Personal Quote: "Never give in, everything will work out"

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